Suntide Update

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Suntide Update


Here’s the latest update on Suntide.  We are accepting owners, renters, exchangers, and owner guests, however it is not business as usual at Suntide.  We are encouraging all visitors to continue to practice social distancing while staying on the property.  For the safety of our staff, our lobby doors are locked during business hours and those who absolutely need to enter are asked to knock for admission to the lobby.  Towel exchange is still occurring on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with strict limitations of 1 person at a time exchanging towels.  Monday morning coffee and Danish on the pool deck as well as our Weenie Wednesday hot dog roast are temporarily suspended.  Our exercise room is closed until further notice.  Also, some states have extended their stay at home orders so we are still encouraging people to follow their state’s orders.

Some restaurants and retail stores have reopened, but must follow strict limitations.  Restaurants can have a maximum occupancy of 25% of capacity and outdoor seating must practice social distancing of at least 6 feet apart.  Not all restaurants have reopened, the Columbia Restaurant, Cha Cha Cocoanuts and Tommy Bahamas on St. Armand’s Circle all remain closed as of today.  In addition, the Lido Public Beach remains closed.  This is a city owned beach and the city commissioners have decided to keep it closed for now.  As a result of the closure, we have seen an increase of trespassers on Suntide’s beach and had to call the police on one occasion for several people who refused to leave when asked to do so by Suntide staff.  We are now requiring all guests to wear Suntide wristbands so we can easily identify who belongs on our beach.  In addition, we have hired security for Memorial Day weekend to police the property so our guests can enjoy a worry free holiday weekend.

Lastly, I want to let owners know deep cleans, painting and other various in-house renovations were completed in all units during the slow period.  Also we have scheduled a contractor to complete new kitchen installs in 12 units over the next few weeks and hope to complete all remaining units within the next few months.  We are asking all owners of these units for their cooperation as we may have to move some people around during this process.  You do not need to call the office to see if your unit is impacted, we will contact you.  So far most owners have been very cooperative.  That’s all for now and as always feel free to call Kristy or myself at 941-388-2151 with any questions.


Michael Beitzinger, CAM/Licensed Real Estate Agent
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