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Michael Beitzinger / Licensed Real Estate Agent
Donald Taylor, P.A
. / Broker Salesman
Realty Executives / Adamo & Assoc.

Phone: 941-388-2151 ext. 101
Toll free: 888-786-8433
Cell: 941-408-5503
Fax: 941-388-4403

114011/14$4,300NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
114511/14$4,500PRICE REDUCED
122211/14$2,500PRICE REDUCED
122311/14$6,500PRICE REDUCED
122611/14$3,750PRICE REDUCED
124211/14$5,000 One Bedroom One Bath
211922/16$8,500NEW LISTING Two Bed One Bath - POOLSIDE
213611/14$5,000 One Bedroom One Bath
213722/26$7,500 Two Bedroom Two Bath
214411/14$5,000One Bedroom One Bath
222611/14$4,500PRICE REDUCED
223611/14$5,000One Bedroom One Bath
224011/14$4,950One Bedroom One Bath
224111/14$5,000One Bedroom One Bath
311922/16$8,500NEW LISTING Two Bed One Bath - POOLSIDE
314111/14$6,700One Bedroom One Bath
323811/14$6,500PRICE REDUCED
324411/14$5,000PRICE REDUCED
411822/26$8,500NEW LISTING - PENDING
514011/14$8,200NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
524311/14$7,900One Bedroom One Bath
624011/14$8,200PRICE REDUCED
724011/14$8,200PRICE REDUCED
1122111/14$8,500One Bedroom One Bath
1122611/14$8,500NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
1322111/14$5,000PRICE REDUCED
1322611/14$7,000 One Bedroom One Bath
1322911/14$6,500One Bedroom One Bath
1421911/14$6,400One Bedroom One Bath
1422111/14$6,300One Bedroom One Bath
1422911/14$6,500One Bedroom One Bath
1922511/14$7,000One Bedroom One Bath
2022511/14$7,000One Bedroom One Bath
2111922/16$7,000Two Bedroom One Bath-POOLSIDE
2222711/14$4,800PRICE REDUCED
2322211/14$6,000One Bedroom One Bath
2422911/14$5,800NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
2622611/14$5,800NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
2623611/14$6,000One Bedroom One Bath
2722611/14$4,500PRICE REDUCED
2723811/14$5,000 One Bedroom One Bath
2821522/26$7,500NEW LISTING Two Bed Two Bath
2922111/14$5,000One Bedroom One Bath
3022411/14$6,000One Bedroom One Bath
3022511/14$4,200NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
3124011/14$3,500 One Bedroom One Bath
3213611/14$2,850PRICE REDUCED
3222011/14$2,900 PRICE REDUCED
3222911/14$2,700 PRICE REDUCED
3224411/14$4,500One Bedroom One Bath
3411211/14$4,200One Bedroom One Bath
3411411/24$4,300PRICE REDUCED
3424411/14$3,000PRICE REDUCED
3511211/14$3,500One Bedroom One Bath
3511411/24$4,300PRICE REDUCED
3514411/14$4,300PRICE REDUCED
3522111/14$4,200NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
3524111/14$5,000PRICE REDUCED
3611011/14$3,000PRICE REDUCED
3611211/14$4,000One Bedroom One Bath
3613122/26$5,500NEW LISTING-POOLSIDE
3622111/14$4,200NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
3623611/14$2,500PRICE REDUCED
3821722/26$6,500PRICE REDUCED
3823811/14$3,200One Bedroom One Bath
3911922/16$5,300Two Bed One Bath POOLSIDE
3923411/14$3,500PRICE REDUCED
3923811/14$4,000One Bedroom One Bath
4011822/26$5,500Two Bed Two Bath-POOLSIDE
4013811/14$3,000PRICE REDUCED
4022811/14$4,000 One Bedroom One Bath
4211411/24$5,000One Bedroom Two Bath
4211922/16$5,000Two Bed One Bath - POOLSIDE
4224511/14$4,000PRICE REDUCED
4311922/16$4,500NEW LISTING-POOLSIDE
4313611/14$3,500NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
4314411/14$3,500PRICE REDUCED
4411922/16$4,5002 Bed 2 Bath POOLSIDE
4511922/16$4,5002 Bed 2 Bath POOLSIDE
4514311/14$3,0001 Bedroom 1 Bath
4522011/14$3,500 PRICE REDUCED
4522111/14$5,000One Bedroom One Bath
4622611/14$4,000 One Bedroom One Bath
4722911/14$4,000PRICE REDUCED
4813611/14$4,000One Bedroom One Bath
4821411/24$3,500One Bedroom Two Bath
4823811/14$2,000NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
4913611/14$4,000One Bedroom One Bath
4914011/14$2,500NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
4921411/24$4,000PRICE REDUCED
5011011/14$4,000One Bedroom One Bath
5013122/26$6,500Two Bed Two Bath - POOLSIDE
5013611/14$4,000One Bedroom One Bath
5021411/24$4,000PRICE REDUCED
5022211/14$3,500NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
5022611/14$3,500One Bedroom One Bath
5023222/26$6,500Two Bedroom Two Bath
5114211/14$5,500 One Bedroom One Bath
5114411/14$4,500PRICE REDUCED
5122011/14$3,000NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
5122211/14$2,500PRICE REDUCED
5122611/14$3,500One Bedroom One Bath
5122911/14$3,000NEW LISTING One Bed One Bath
5214211/14$5,500One Bedroom One Bath
5222211/14$2,500PRICE REDUCED
5222411/14$7,000One Bedroom One Bath
1 & 222611/14$4,125/weekPRICE REDUCED 2 week package $8,250
2 & 311922/16$8,250/weekNEW LISTING - 2 Week Pkg $16,500 - POOLSIDE
5 & 611722/26$8,250/weekPENDING
6 & 724011/14$7,950/week2 week package $15,900
13 & 1422911/14$6,500/week2 week package $13,000
19 & 2022511/14$6,750/week2 week package $13,500
34 & 3511411/24$4,300/week2 week package $8,600
35 & 3611211/14$3,750/week2 week package $7,500
35 & 3622111/14$4,000/week2 week package $8,000
44 & 4511922/16$4,500/week2 week package $9,000
48, 49 & 5013611/14$4,000/week3 week package $12,000
49 & 5021411/24$4,000/weekPRICE REDUCED 2 week package $8,000
50 & 5122611/14$3,500/week2 week package $7,000
51 & 5214211/14$5,500/week2 week package $11,000
51, 52 & 122211/14$2,000/weekPRICE REDUCED 3 week package $6,000
  • Private beachfront with beach chairs
  • Clean and comfortable 1 and 2 bedroom vacation condos
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Large heated pool and spa
  • Central AC & heating in all units
  • BBQ grills conveniently located
  • Coin operated laundry on property
  • Fitness center
  • Free local telephone calls
  • Free In-room wireless internet access
  • Bicycle rentals available
  • Cable TV and DVD players
  • Hair dryer, ironing boards and irons
  • Walking distance to world famous St. Armands Shopping Circle

"Your family friendly, home away from home."


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